About Us

Established in 1998, HJT Finance Group is an Australian leading finance services group with a solid record in its achievement.

With our extensive knowledge and unique experience, HJT Finance Group is running as one of the market leaders in Australia VIP Financial Service industry, and focusing on clients who have high incomes with professional careers, business owners, people speaking other languages and multiple property owners.
Our mortgage business

We are well recognised mortgage broking companies in Australia, among the best in the Australia mortgage industry each year. 2012 rewarded with trophy for $10 million loan settlement, which is Australia's first mortgage company to get this honour.
We do:

- Residential loans
- Commercial loans
- Business loan
- Real-estate development project loans
- Construction loans
- Large equipment loans
- Loans for overseas investors to buy property in Australia
- Loans for acquisition of Australian corporate
- Loans for buy property using superannuation
- U.S. dollar loans

All loans we arrange are from Australian banks, secure, reliable, and protected.

For loans interest rates, please see our advertising.

The philosophy in running our businesses is not focusing on the high profits or market shares, but focusing on the integration of best knowledge, operation system, and leadership in new services development. As said in our slogan - Learn Hard and Aim To Be The Best.

By winning so many industry awards in past years, HJT Finance Group is the one who has been providing the quality services and advises, but also has the ability and commitment to deliver the results to its clients.

Australia is the one of the key financial centre in Asian Pacific Regain from Western countries, Australia has the most stable politic and economic environment, plus Australia’s financial services has the highest reputation in the industry around the World, based on that, Australia can offer a lots to clients from region, particularly China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Singapore, the most fast development economy who needs VIP Financial Services,

HJT Financial Group, by the nature of we have been working in the financial services to clients from these countries for more than 15 years, we have the experts, knowledge and operation system which can provide the first class financial services to many financial institutions in these countries. With settled high moral and ethical standards, HJT Financial Group believes that our corporate and individual clients will receive a great value in our professional services.

We do the best because we committed ourself in that way.

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Australian Credit Licence Number: 419897

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