HJT Wealth Management

Wealthy Management Principles

Wealthy Management is focusing on providing VIP Financial Services to these clients who has high incomes and multiple properties.

The Wealthy Management is financial services combination of Financial Investment, Mortgage Organizing, Financial Planning and Risk Control.  As so many of our clients now is in very wealthy position and required extensive financial services to protect their property, assets, investment as well as dealing with propety in heritage with its family members, plus continues help these clients in financial investment needs, the Wealthy Management is focusing on the issues surrounding with our clients in legal issues with family members, or which investment entity should be the owner of assets, what is the best tax benefits can get from it, how to organize best investments for superfund or should consider 100% borrowing for shares/funds investment to get max tax benefits, plus how to manage the investment risks.
- Together all of knowledge and skills in Financial Investment, Planning, and Mortgage organize;
- Focusing on maximum using the tax benefits for different investment entities;
- Invest into property, superfund, and 100% borrowing shares;
These are principles we used in Wealthy Management.