HTJ Finance & Mortgage

Because we are different
Work overtime - you can only earn twice as much money
Learn to invest - you can earn two times the money
Follow HJT - you can learn how to earn three times or even five times the amount of knowledge and ability
Why is HJT different?
Because in the HJT can always find unique products, different combinations and different results.
How is HJT different?
- combination of different investment entities (individuals, companies, family funds, pension) tax incentives
- use bank money to maximize returns on investment returns.
In fact, up to ten years of experience in the financial services industry allows us to accumulate a number of cases, more refined, summed up a wealth of rules and investment knowledge. And these experiences, knowledge, thinking and the perspective of the problem makes the same thing has produced different results, this is the key to our ability to keep innovation.
Our specialty
The loan agent / most companies only know for a loan to do the loan, we will not loan as the final result, but to guide customers how to invest in real estate as the basis; to rent the housing investment as the primary balance according to the loan; and how to design the structure of loans as the main target for a breakthrough design of negative tax deduction, always how to manage customer and church loans for a set of services through the basic knowledge to help customers apply for loans.
In the set of services in our loan, only one part of it, through that we are here to apply for a loan, guests not only learned to apply for loans, loan management professional knowledge, more learn the ropes of real estate investment and become the means of real estate investment on millionaires, to help customers become real the real estate investment millionaire in 5 years.
In the current market, only HJT of the loan service to do this.
Why can we do this?
Because we have served tens of thousands of Australian real estate elite experience
With a master's degree in Australia as the main elite management team
Is the Australian banking agency in the longest serving professional company