Dollar and other currency loans

You can now buy a house in Australia or increase the loan you can use the U.S. dollar loans (loan procedures and the same as the Australian dollar loan), but the annual interest rate of the loan is only 2.15% - $2.35%. And if you use the Australian dollar loans, the annual interest rate of 5.8% or less, the two, compared to the distance, you can calculate your own. One million of the loan interest to save at least $4-5 a year.
1 interest rates and charges
What is the interest rate for a US dollar loan? Standard floating rate 2.55%
Preferential interest rate 2.175% interest rates will change with the economic situation in these countries, generally for each quarter to re approve
Can also be euro, yen, pound, Singapore, and other 9 kinds of foreign currency
How much is the application fee? $375-$750
Depending on the bank to determine if the loan amount is greater than $500000, or in the bank to apply for preferential interest rates
How much is the assessment fee? $185 aud
Most of the banks have been included in the bank's $750 loan application fee if you single house prices more than 1 million, in your loan preliminary approval, need to ask about the bank's assessment of the company to assess the cost of
Lawyers and document preparation fees? Maximum $385
Most banks have been included in the bank's $750 loan application fee
Monthly account management fee $0
Discount products $35 per month
Other fees for delivery fee $150, title search fee $15.48 plus other government fees for most banks have been included in the bank's $750 loan application fee
When the bank will change the market based on the loan interest rates generally for each quarter, or 1 months
Can loan? (such as half) can, but must be in each quarter after the start of the loan (the best please notify the bank) if at any other time, the bank may according to the change of exchange rate to charge you an additional fee
2 exit fees and fines
What is the penalty? $0 aud
How much does it cost to leave the bank? $300 aud does not include government fees
3 mortgage assets
Accept open space as collateral? General civil housing land is not acceptable,
Special reasons need to be negotiated with the commercial bank
What kind of property will be accepted? Residential or commercial housing
The number of loans above 5 million
What is the loan ratio? 65% of the value of the mortgaged property can be up to $70%
More than two million of the property will be accepted? The application of the bank's comprehensive assessment to determine whether or not to accept
Housing loans to accept it? cannot
If the Australian dollar fell, the proportion of loans more than 65-70% how to do? If the Australian dollar fell a long time, the bank has the right to ask you to reduce the proportion of loans, or increase the value of the collateral if you choose principal + interest together with the loan, the general would not be possible if you encounter this kind of situation, real estate appreciation, it may not be a problem
4 income certificate: the bank requires that you want to apply for a U.S. dollar loan, your income letter should be written in the U.S.
Overseas income letter
If the overseas company's letter of credit must be mentioned:
- pre tax and after tax wages
- when to start
The audit of the bank will be audited by:
- Web Search
Company Address Tel
Company name registration information
- phone to go to your company for approval letter
5 hedge account
Do you have a loan account? absence
You can withdraw from the loan account of the early repayment of more than you can, must be at the time of each quarter, advance notice to the bank
When can we repay the principal? Please inform the bank in advance of each quarter
What is the cost of getting the money from the loan? $20
Is there an online bank?
6 how to repay
Monthly repayment of the way there? Can be the principal plus interest can also be 5-10 years only interest
Monthly repayment directly with the bank's repayment account to repay it? Yes, you can repay any Australian bank account
Monthly repayment can be used directly in the loan? Yes, we encourage you to do so in order to reduce the exchange rate risk to you
What is the monthly repayment interest in that currency? In dollars
Which currency will be deducted from the repayment account? Should be used in the United States dollar loan if the Australian dollar repayment, then according to the prevailing exchange rate, the Australian dollar into the U.S.
In the final payment of the loan in that currency settlement? Money in your loan
Can I use my own dollars in the final payment of the loan? Yes, we encourage you to do so to reduce the exchange rate to you
What if I don't have so many dollars or Hong Kong dollars in the final payment?  Good prior application of relevant new Australian dollar loans, and bank / swap company pre negotiated USD or HKD exchange rate, to reduce the risk or choose to pay off in your favor when the exchange rate on loan
7 risk
1 exchange rate volatility risk
2 dollar interest rate volatility risks
8 loan amount (in Australian dollars)
At least $500000
Up to $2000000 or $20 million
If it is a large commercial housing
9 our special service fee: please inquire
10 required loan documents
Personal identification certificate, Citizenship certificate, driver's license, including any of the two
Overseas letter of credit
Council rate prove ownership of property
6 months of current bank loans to the bank to prove that there are no bad repayment records