HTJ Finance & Mortgage

Loan is a kind of intangible product, it is not through the visual and tactile to judge its good or bad, a loan product can only be judged by professional knowledge and experience. You buy other products, such as a TV set or a desk, they will not damage your life, but the loan products are different, if not properly managed, he will damage your life. You buy other products, not the market value of their changes, but the loan value of the product to be changed, so you need an expert like us to at any time according to your loan and adjust the credit structure to assess the market dynamic method to adjust the loan management.
The specific content of the assessment is:
• the current interest rate is appropriate, whether the new interest rate after the option to save more interest.
• whether the current type of loan is appropriate for your way of spending and saving.
• does the bank have multiple charges and fees.
• whether your loan is commensurate with your investment structure, tax expenditure.
• do you have the ability to invest in new real estate.
• how to ensure the harmony between your cash flow and business operations.