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From the investment point of view, the Australian real estate is divided into two main categories, from housing and investment housing. For Chinese customers to invest in Australia, most of the investment in the housing investment. Therefore, the value of the property has become the first choice for the purchase of the property. Sometimes the growth of the property does not lie in the old and new houses, but in the area where the house price growth, the state of the house, size and many other factors.
Followed by loans. In Australia, the major banks can provide services to overseas customers. In December 2004 Australia's four major banks and HJT Mortgage & Finance (HJT Vinda loans) to reach an agreement, agreed to by the HJT China introduced the guests to the loan, thus, the first time in the history of the China citizens can buy real investment in Australia Bank loan. This is undoubtedly good news for the majority of Chinese investors.
Australian government welcomes overseas investment in Australian real estate, but there are many provisions. For example:
1) overseas investment in real estate must be approved by the Australian Overseas Investment Review Board (Oversees Interment Review Board)
2) the purchase must be new housing, can not be second-hand housing or open space.
Bank loans to overseas investors also have some provisions. For example, it is generally agreed that the loan to the bank to assess the price of 80%, rather than the national population of 90%. But even so, does not hinder the use of foreign investors to invest in Australian real estate bank money. Uterus, self-sufficient. In a few years, from one to many buildings, the use of real estate wealth, which is the key to learn some of the key points of investment. In order to facilitate the understanding of everyone, here is still a specific example to illustrate.
The first year, with 400 thousand to buy the first building of housing investment by 80%, their 20%--8 million (tax and 6%, 400 thousand x 6% = 24 thousand), or 104 thousand Australian dollars; the loan fixed interest rate of 3 or 5 years (the loan products in China, this not) loan products, regardless of how the central reserve bank changes in interest rates in the next 3 years or 5 years, the interest rate on your loan is not changed, it is ensured that the next 3 years or 5 years in investment spending will not change your room on. For example: the current 3 year fixed rate is 6.59%, that is, your annual loan interest expense is: x = = 400 thousand x = 21088/. Looking for investment in the room, to find ways to ensure that those who can rent the house, that those new housing developers to provide you with 2-3 years of rental contracts. If the rent is 4% or 4.5%, then you will be determined in the annual income of the investment room: X 4.5% =18000/ per year.